Below is some of our work

Engage Kenya
Matimu Wangai
Caroline Kibati
Rak & Ray
FMCE Africa

Our Guiding Principle

We design for a sense of belonging.

The feeling of belonging is a fundamental human need. People want to fill their lives with—and return to—the experiences that create this feeling. When people feel like they belong, they deepen their relationship with a brand. This relationship instills belief, and belief changes behavior.

Our Branding Principle

Brands are ideas that keep growing. We think of them like machine learning. When you build a brand, you build in the power to adapt and evolve. We create the building blocks: the strategy, symbol, logotype, typography, color scheme, iconography, illustration style, visuals, animations, motion design, photography style, sound design, messaging, and tone of voice. But ultimately the brand creates itself – in the minds and hearts of the audience.