We collaborate with clients to establish bold, effective identities.

Soma by Hubloy

An intuitive plug-n-play course management system for all your long distance learning needs.

Hubloy Membr

Hubloy Membr turns your WordPress site into a membership site. Restrict premium content, create custom registration fields, and more.


A quick way to integrate Payment Gateways to your website to handle the payment process.
Setup as many credentials and handle payments in all common integrations.

Rafiki by Hubloy

An intelligent automation engine that eliminates repetitve human work. 100% Customizable. This leading‐edge Conversational AI technology proactively assists and engages customers. Providing precise metrics. Easy Setup. On‐premise solutions.


Hubloy is in itself a product. Link all your sites on Hubloy to have a bird’s-eye view on all your sites negating the need for multiple logins. Apply changes in one click across all your websites.


With Hubloy, you can design your website, profile, logo, business cards and much more. Branding runs in our blood.